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Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Wow, you guys. The Queer Porn Film Festival, which I attended now a week ago, was so amazing. It was hosted by the lovelies Courtney Trouble, Tobi Hill-Meyer, and Jacqueline Mary - and it was such a great time.

I kept on running into people who I'd seen naked online (Jiz Lee, Drew Devereaux, STOYA, Chelsea Poe, April Flores, Cinnamon Maxxine... too many to name) and got to meet up with Bex of Bex Talks Sex and Kate of CineSinclaire and CherryStems. I got to help out collating and folding zines, being door person, and then I got to attend some great workshops and watch amazing porn in a room full of people - some of whom were in what was being shown on the screen. A favorite by and large was a clip from I Want Your Love, which was the most loving, adorable cis-male-on-cis-male scene I think I've ever seen. It was so relaxed and playful and gave me all of the warm fuzzy feelings... in my pants. 

I'm currently writing about the experience, so I'll post that when it publishes on another awesome site that rhymes with Hitch. 

Other than that? I have some interesting projects brewing. Announcements will be made when appropriate, but I'm so excited about these things, you don't even know. I'll have some teasers posting on my instagram, so keep an eye out for those. 

Things have been rather overwhelming the past few weeks as new projects have appeared and I'm still learning how to juggle everything. I am, as I'm writing this, also working on scheduling out my work for this week. It's both exciting and stressful, but such is life. I think I'll have an easier time if I have set out "work time" and "down time" rather than everything being "work time" - because that's a great way to get overwhelmed. Tentative daily schedule: 

7:30a - Wake up. Stretch, get dressed, look over emails. 

9:30a - Walk to get a fruit, get a coffee or espresso, pending good weather, walk to the park with a book and read while consuming fruit. 

11a - return home, or sit in the cafe, and start work. 

2p to 3p - break of some sort - perhaps a walk, perhaps a light lunch, perhaps reading. 

3p to 7p - back to work! 

And then free time, unless I have a tight deadline, a planned event, etc. Of course, flexibility with this schedule because I'll stress myself out if I'm too serious, but I'm hoping to keep relatively to it - for example, I have a Skype meeting at 2p tomorrow. I'm also hoping to schedule in "days off" like some sort of weekend or something, which is such a novelty to me after working adult retail (lol, what's a weekend?) and freelancing. I do hope that keeping to some sort of schedule will help me both keep more on top of things and keep myself sane. 7 solid hours of work in a day is pretty good, I think! 

If you freelance, what sort of schedule do you keep? I'd be interested to know your thoughts on such things. You can email me with thoughts, or any questions as well! 

It's my birthday this Friday, May 1st. Just in case you were wondering/wanted to send me well wishes on twitter. 



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