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Wednesday, june 3rd

June, already? Time does fly. 

I've spent a good portion of the last month consulting with the makers of Lovely, a new smart cock ring that I believe is a really interesting next step in the confluence of sex and technology. I've written about it here, so feel free to check it out - or you can go right to the IndieGoGo campaign. If you know me, you know I'm generally jaded when it comes to new sex toys - that's not even getting into how I feel about most crowdfunded toys, which are regularly horrible if not outright terrifying. But with Lovely, I actually think there is a lot of potential and I am very excited to be a part of bringing it to the world. 

Other than that, I've been writing. I moved house, which is a huge relief. Still getting a hold on this whole "Long Distance Relationship" thing - missing my sweetheart terribly, but it's a pleasant kind of ache and he'll be back. 

I'm still feeling as if at a crossroads - I'm waiting to see how some things pan out, but I might be doing really well for myself soon. Or will I have to keep struggling? Either way, which projects should I pursue first? I have so many planned, which makes it very difficult to know where to start. I'll have to start analysis on the costs in time and resources, the potential benefits, and those sorts of things, soon. 

Everything lately has been work and planning for the future. I guess that's being an adult! 

Please do check out and share the blogpost about Lovely. I'm incredibly excited about this project and I'd like to see it funded! 



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