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October 13th, 2015

Wow. I can't believe it's almost over - a week from today, I'm flying back to the US. 

I know I haven't been here much - I've spent a lot of my time here working, exploring with my partner, and eating amazing food. Although things are certainly not perfect in Israel - I'm pretty oblivious due to my lack of Hebrew, but I know annual tensions are rising - but I'm both excited and dreading going back to the states for a few reasons. 

It's going back to reality, not that things haven't been real here but they've definitely been different. It'll be a rough landing - there was a hiccup at work with a client and work stopped for October - I won't even be getting my last invoice until a week or two into November. Clients, what can I say. Things will be getting back on track, as I understand it, come November, but it puts a huge dent in things. I was expecting to have money when I get back, I'll have next to nothing and I still need to figure out living situation. I believe in my ability to adapt, though, and I have places I can crash. 

I am for sure excited to see my friends. It's weird to have friends to go back to, but interesting. Missing people, whodathunkit. 

In any case, I'm working on some things for the site - so keep an eye out. For right now, I'm going to be drinking a bunch of tea and might take a nap. My cycle got kicked out of sync due to the supermoon last month (seriously, it pulled me two weeks early, and now I'm a week earlier than that) and I'm not feeling to great because of it. Hopefully it'll be over with by the time I fly next tuesday. 




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