Israel in Shades of Gray

Because I can't avoid a bad pun.

I finally got the rest of my film yesterday - called the processor right as they were finishing, had my partner drive me all the way to a different part of the city, bounced around excitedly until I could scan them. I honestly felt kind of conflicted about posting yet more photos here because they feel "off brand" somehow - but then I said fuck it. This is part of my life, and they look damn good on this site. These are mostly from my trip to Israel, but there are some stragglers at the end from NYC, Long Island, Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia suburbs. 

Please feel free to comment with questions - or suggestions for other things you'd like to see pictures of here! I'm getting back into a photographic practice and am working on some fun projects along the way... I'll show what I can here, and will likely have some hints over on instagram

I have a well-documented fondness for taking pictures of lights and leaves at night. If you scroll far back enough in my instagram, that was a large portion of my early photos there. Israel was no different.

I also ended up meeting a lovely person, whose name I have not been able to recall (much to my chagrin) and her puppy Jessie. Jessie is a bit of a strange dog, often sits and stares off at seemingly nothing, but an interesting one. I ran into them in the park many times after this and made interesting conversation. I'm hoping to send prints of the above pictures to her through my partner if I can't visit myself this spring. 

One of our many adventures was attending some sort of medieval festival at a historical village outside of Jerusalem; my partner's friend plays medieval bagpipe, he and his friend Vladimir were playing and we tagged along. 

My first sabich, recorded for posterity. 

And then some more pictures from Rosh Pinna, which you can see some of in my roll of purple film

We walked up into the valley near Rosh Pinna, where the town that was originally there was located; there were foundations, fresh water springs, old houses, and a lot of good edible plants from sage to figs. My understanding is that the town was originally named Ja'uni. This is the view back towards town. 

Our friend and navigator brought us to a small pool he was creating near what looked like a water source for the old town; the water was cold and clear and drinkable. A nice place to stick one's feet after a long walk. 

There were moths cuddling in the pipe where the water came from; I remember how cold the air was while taking this picture. 


Our friends also had horses and a donkey that had made their way to them near their commune. The grey horse in the picture to the left was lame; he had been a trail horse and broke one of his hind legs that jutted out at an awkward angle. They all eventually gathered to be fed carrots. 

We camped on one of the beaches of the Mediterranean to see the Super Blood Moon Eclipse (tm) in September. I ended up sleeping through the eclipse (it was at 4am) but we still had a great time. The picture below is from the following morning. 


And suddenly, back in the states. This was taken in Union Square Park while I was with Bex, after meeting up with Lena. 


I spent my first night back in the states with Bex, this is her cat lightning who decided to be very photogenic for me. 

30th Street Station in Philadelphia, while I was on my way to reunite with my partner (he flew back after I did). 

All photos are my own, taken on 35mm film using a Canon Rebel T5. Please do not use any of my photos without my express permission.