Courtney Trouble's 'Lesbian Curves'

This post was originally published on a previous iteration of this site on August 8th, 2013. It has been republished here for posterity.

I’m new to porn. Most of it kind of terrifies me, but I’ve come to realize that this is mainly a discomfort with the way “mainstream” porn works: heres a dick going into an orifice, get off on it. Here are two females making out, that’s hot right? Money Shot. The bodies involved generally follow society’s ideal for what is considered acceptable and attractive unless it’s something focusing on a specific fetish, and despite knowing they’re real, it’s about as visually stimulating for me as two mannequins bumping and grinding1 . I determined a while ago now that Queer, Alternative, and Feminist Porn was where its at for me, but hadn’t yet made the jump to actually watch any of it. Instead, I’ve been psyching myself up by following a lot of awesome performers- Kitty Stryker, Jiz Lee, Stoya, and more- on their social media. I do the same thing with porn as I have with bands: the more I understand about the band members outside of their music, the more I like what they do.

And so, when Early to Bed graciously offered Courtney Trouble’s Lesbian Curves for review, I knew it was time. I had recently heard of the release of the second Lesbian Curves, Hard Femme, and was very interested- though the original doesn’t feature beautiful curvy ladies all knotted up like Hard Femme does, I knew it could only be good… and I wasn’t disappointed.

I’d like to warn that although I did receive the DVD which is a whole 80 minutes including a bonus scene, a trailer, and a slideshow, I am unfortunately experiencing technical difficulties and was unable to watch the DVD. Courtney came to the rescue with a digital version of the movie, which is only 60 minutes and missing that extra scene (working on getting a DVD player so I can see it!) and other extras, but still fantastic.

Since I have very little experience with porn in general (Aside from stocking it at the adult store where I work- have you ever moved thousands of DVDs? It’s a workout), I had my partner sit down and watch it with me.

So, you want to know how it was, right? Although I spent most of my time cooing over Kitty Stryker in her scene and shouting out the names of toys and products as I saw them, I’d recommend it for more deviant viewing as well.

This movie is a celebration of different bodies; representing all different shapes, sizes, races, featuring all sorts of body modifications from bare and trimmed (but also almost 100% natural) body hair, abundant tattoos, facial and bodily piercings, and Kitty’s bright magenta hair. There was no demeaning language involved, communication happened frequently, and safer sex barriers abounded- gloves were common, and I even spotted condoms on a few toys, though there were unfortunately no dental dam sightings.

In other words, it was more realistic. My partner commented that it seemed more like people consensually, gladly having sex and just happening to be on camera than what was going on in mainstream porn2 – the performers were actually interested in each other. There’s definitely a lot of (really hot) exultant body worship between some of the performers in this film, and it doesn’t seem acted or forced. I’ll break down the scenes:

Scene One: Courtney Trouble and Sandy Bottoms

If you like the idea of two beautiful femmes in glittery champagne colored stilettos kissing, grabbing eachother’s breasts,finger fucking and playing with toys… well, check it out. This one has the most orgasms out of any of the scenes, with both performers climaxing twice- each once from manual stim, and once with a toy. In the background you can glimpse a Vixen RandyVixen Raquel, two other toys that look like they may be Vixen as well, Liquid Silk and what looks like Slippery Stuff. You also get a glimpse of a Hitachi Magic Wand Original, but don’t see it in use. Unfortunately, the Randy didn’t make a debut; Courtney brings out an unfamiliar glass wand with a heart handle to go at Sandy with (with some nice closeup shots during this portion of the scene) and Sandy gets Courtney from behind with what looks like a Vixen VixSkin Buck.

There are a few awesome shots of Courtney on top of the much physically smaller Sandy, and apparently it’s now my Partner’s life goal to be consensually, non-sexually squished by Courtney Trouble.

Scene Two: Peppermint Fatty and Sophia St James

This scene is relatively quiet for the first portion- with a lot of heavy breathing and kissing erring heavily on the side of body worship. It’s incredibly loving and sensual. Peppermint is the largest of all the performers in the film and owns it- there is no holding back, no bashfulness. I honestly find it to be incredibly inspiring: this scene shows someone with a body type that is often ridiculed not only enjoying themselves but being adulated by their partner. This may sound cheesy, but that’s powerfully moving for me. I personally inhabit a body that fits European standards of beauty, but I work and play alongside people who experience ridicule and shaming for their bodies- it’s something that is pervasive in our culture, and wrongfully so.

This scene features a harness of unknown origin, a toy used in that harness I can’t see well enough to identify, the Njoy Eleven- which is the most popular toy in the DVD, next to the Magic Wand Original. This scene has the first barriers used in the film, with both using black gloves when manually stimulating one another. This scene gets awarded for “Loudest Orgasms I’ve ever heard” for both- when Peppermint comes from the Eleven and Magic Wand being used in tandem, and when Sophia orgasms using the magic wand while Peppermint stimulates her G Spot.

Scene Three: Eden Alexander and Kitty Stryker

This is by far my favorite scene in the film. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m already a fan of Kitty Stryker or if it’s because she made me laugh so hard I almost fell of the bed, but maybe it’s a combination of both. Unlike the other scenes, this one has a storyline: two girls having a sleepover and playing “Have You Ever”. I’m almost 100% certain they’re making fun of this common porn theme, which I was made more certain of when this happens:

Eden: Have you ever…. been blindfolded?

Kitty: I haven’t, no… I don’t know, I’m… Is that Feminist?

This is the point where I almost fell out of bed laughing and my partner had to pause the movie. Eden goes on to explain that blindfolds aren’t to take away your vision, but to enhance your other senses, and (crookedly) blindfolds Kitty and shows her what she means. Toys you’ll find in this scene are an Adam and Eve Wand vibe of some sort (with a condom on the head! good on ya, Kitty), an Aslan Leather Simple Harness (Yay!) in Pink with a pink dildo that looks like jelly which broke me into a fit of hissing and general anger. Aside from that, this was probably my favorite scene, if only because I find Kitty to be very attractive and because of my general amusement at the whole thing.

Scene Four: Kelly Shibari and Betty Blac

This scene can be summed up in one quote from Kelly: “Thank you for bringing them to me” when Betty takes her shirt off.

There are a few toys used in this scene, including a swirled pink vibrator I’m unfamiliar with; there are some really close up shots while Kelly is using it on Betty- if you’re into that, this is the scene for you. Afterwards, the Njoy Eleven makes another debut with the magic wand following up soon after. Betty definitely has the most visually intense orgasms of the film, with her whole body shaking when the Eleven brings her to orgasm, and again when she orgasms uncontrollably and seemingly repeatedly from the magic wand. They’re laughing and enjoying themselves throughout the scene, and it’s both adorable and really hot. Kelly is the only performer who doesn’t orgasm in the film- I can only hope that she does in the bonus scene included on the DVD.

If you like to see a variety of people- of all races, shapes, and sizes, people with tattoos and piercings- having a really good time with a lot of awesome toys, this movie is for you.

Thanks to Searah from Early to Bed for sending this awesome DVD to me in return for my honest review. If you want to purchase the DVD, you can do so from Early to Bed, [here].