Meet The Tenga Iroha: Midori, Yuki, and Sakura

Through some sorcery and a sprinkle of the magic that is SugarCunt, I was able to get all three Iroha before most people even considered having them in the US, and I’m here to tell you that they’re awesome. The Iroha brand is Tenga’s first foray into female products- they are first and foremost known for high quality male masturbation instruments, all crafted with care in Japan. All of Tenga’s products- including the iroha- fit the clean lines and thorough, thoughtful, and straightforward nature of Japanese design: there are no gimmicks, no bells and whistles; these products are even simple in function, only having three speeds and one basic pulsation pattern with just two buttons, + and -.

First, let’s go through the boring bits: the Iroha come in a nice little box with a charging dock/case that they magnetize to in order to charge. Some might be put off by the clear cover of the case, but I personally love looking at my toys. The dock connects to your computer or the included wall adapter with a USB to microUSB cord, which I’m really happy about. The case is really sturdy and I think it would be great for travel, I can’t see any situation in which the Iroha would turn on in your suitcase unless the case somehow opened, which seems unlikely.

All three Iroha come in muted colors: white, pale green, and a pale pink. They aren’t overtly girly but are instead more sophisticated, soft, and feminine in shape, texture, and color, but could still be called cute- they just don’t exhibit that glitterpuke girliness that designers of sex toys often default with sex toys intended for women. They’re all covered in about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of supersquishy silicone- I’ll get into the details of each below- and have a special dust-repellant coating.

I honestly have absolutely no clue what souls Tenga sacrificed to Beelzebub to accomplish this, but they are truly dust repellant. I’ve left them out for days and not found any dust on them. My brain does not know how to accept that silicone wouldn’t attract at least a little dust, but they accomplished it somehow. They are also really, truly squishy, though the squish does cover a core of hard plastic and you can feel it. It’s very hard to explain the texture of these products without just showing you, but they are very smooth and matte yet frictionless on the surface. You can squeeze and pinch and push the surface of the silicone like skin, that’s how much of it there is.

Midori means “Green” in Japanese. The shape is the most straightforward of the three: a circle with a little bump at the top, and it’s the smallest of the three at about 3″ long and 2.5″ wide. The shape makes me think of green tea mochi or a kiwi bird. I think the relation to the kiwi bird is because of the movement of the Midori in the video on their website, but I might just be weird. I feel like the relation to the mochi is actually well-founded, though- the squish of the silicone is comparable to the squish of mochi sweets.

I find that this particular design is best for solo play; since it is  so compact, you’d have to play doggie style or find something other than typical “missionary” position to accomodate it during intercourse. Though the silicone is thinner on the nub of this toy, it still isn’t exactly what I’d call pinpoint, but I have a small clitoris. Those with larger clitorises may find that it’s more pinpoint than I have, but it’s definitely a kind of all-encompassing thump that can stimulate the labia, entrance of the vagina, clitoris, clitoral hood, and even reaches into the internal clitoris nicely, which is true of all three Iroha.

Yuki means “Snow” in Japanese, which is suitable for this little snow-man shaped vibrator. This one is a little longer than the Midori, at 3.5″ inches, but it’s the same width at it’s widest point, and the “head” of the snowman is about 1.25″ in width at it’s widest point.

I really love this toy for using during intercourse- since it has the smaller bulb, it’s less in the way with the bulk of the toy further away from where all the action’s happening. Unlike the nub on the Midori, the bulb of this one definitely has a good layer of squish over it, so if you think you’d prefer something softer this would be a good option. Iroha intends Yuki to also be useable internally, and though I’m not really interested I can see why others might be. Though the internal portion isn’t really long enough to hit the g-spot, it would be good for stimulating the entrance to the vagina, where the majority of nerve endings are located. I could see it as a good warm-up or foreplay.

Sakura means “Cherry Blossom” in Japanese and hints towards it’s namesake both in it’s shape and color. This is the longest of the three, at 3.75″ in length overall. The ‘arms’ of the toy are pure squish, and extend about .5″ from the body of the toy.

This particular toy is supposed to be kind of like the Jimmy Jane Form 2 in that it is meant to be pinched together to squeeze whatever you’re looking to stimulate, whether it be a clitoris or a nipple. Unfortunately, in my experience this toy isn’t ideal for this sort of use because the little “arms” that you’re supposed to be squeezing are too small. However, I find this to be the best of the three for pinpoint stimulation, and rubbing the two little arms back and forth across my clit results in a unique sensation- you can also kind of nestle it around the clitoris depending on the size of yours which results in a “surround-sound” effect that I find interesting and will be experimenting with a bit more- I will, of course, let you know my findings.

You can find these and the newer iroha vibes at amazing prices by clicking on the banner above!

You can find these and the newer iroha vibes at amazing prices by clicking on the banner above!

Overall, I’d recommend all three Iroha; of course, each person will find that one might work better for them than another and I hope I’ve included enough information about each in use to help inform that decision.

The Iroha were sent to me by Tenga themselves in return for an honest review. All views expressed are my own.