One Review Among Many: We Vibe Tango Original and (The Discontinued) Salsa

This post was originally published on a previous iteration of this website on August 19th, 2013. It has been re-posted here for posterity.

If you’ve followed any sex bloggers aside from myself, you’ve probably heard about the We Vibe Tango, and even more likely the We Vibe Salsa which is a favorite amongst many sex bloggers and was recently discontinued. Quite a few sex bloggers have given these products incredibly positive reviews and even those who haven’t reviewed them yet, but have one, have nothing but positive things to say… and I’m here to agree with them. These products are toy chest necessities.

The We Vibe Tango and Salsa are almost identical: They’re both non-porous and easily sterilizable ABS hard plastic, they have the same set of functions and the same motors, both recharge with a magnet and are therefore water resistant, and both are incredibly rumbly and internal-clitoris-shaking. Underneath their plastic, they are the same product. They look very similar as well: really, the only difference between the two is that the Salsa comes to a blunt point whereas the Tango has a slanted “lipstick” tip, and the color options: while the Salsa comes in what I like to call a Jack White Color theme- Red, White, and Black- the Tango comes in your typical sex toy palette of pastel pink, blue, and purple. Many were sad when the Salsa was discontinued because of these “non-traditional” color options.

Bullets. Many of us who have sex toys with bullet cavities (like all of Tantus’ vibrating products or the Fuze Alpha which I recently reviewed) have some laying around, and we’ve all been frustrated by them. They’re weak, often only have one speed, and use annoying little batteries, usually LR44 watch batteries, that die within 45 minutes to an hour of continuous use. Bullets make me angry.

US Resident? You can buy the updated Tango by clicking the banner above! 

US Resident? You can buy the updated Tango by clicking the banner above! 

The Tango and Salsa have changed the bullet game: since they’re rechargeable, you don’t need to fuss with batteries and space is freed up in the toy for a stronger motor. Where these products shine most for me is when used with toys that have bullet cavities: because they’re so strong and rumbly, they transfer well- even in bigger silicone dildos (which usually muffle the vibration so it’s all at the base, none at the tip- this does have some of that naturally, but you can still actually feel vibrations in the whole body of the toy), and since they have multiple speeds and even pulsation patterns, they make what was previously a hunk of silicone into a vibrator to rival a lot of typical electronics-incorporated vibrators. This is a big deal. 

Unlike many others, I’m not a huge fan of the Tango/Salsa on their own. The hard plastic means that although they’re rumbly, they’re a little harsh because of how the vibration is transferred through the material. Maybe I’m just spoiled- I also have the We Vibe Touch (review eminent!) which has the same motor as the Tango/Salsa as far as I can tell, but is shaped differently and has a coating of silicone. The silicone coating makes the vibrations a little less harsh on my sensitive clitoris, and much more friendly to bare skin. Even despite this, I’d prefer the Tango/Salsa over almost any other vibrator aside from the Touch; they’re stronger than most things on the market and penetrate into the depths of the inner clitoris, and are great for use during penetrative intercourse of any kind.

Overall, I would recommend either of these products to anyone looking for a small vibrator that’s strong- especially if you’re looking for a small vibrator that can be used in a toy with a bullet cavity and doesn’t have all the irritating flaws most bullets present. Though the Salsa is hard to find now that it has been discontinued, I know a few people who still have it in stock… look below!

The We Vibe Tango and We Vibe Salsa were graciously offered to me free of charge by We Vibe themselves in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.