rodeOH Truhk Duo

This post was originally posted on a previous iteration of this site on July 9th, 2013. It has been reposted here for posterity.

A little while back, RodeoH was kind enough to send me a sample of the Truhk Duo to test out- this “underwear style” harness has two rings, one top and one bottom, the bottom one meant to help accomodate and stabilize the Tantus Feeldoe/Realdoe or equivalent.

This harness really does look like underwear, aside from the slits that hide the somewhat firm rings that are sewn into fabric. The 90% cotton 10% spandex mix of the fabric is soft and incredibly comfy to wear, I’ve even used this as underwear when all of my other pairs have mysteriously gone missing. Like wearing any regular pair of underwear, it’s completely unnoticeable under my clothing- and though I find I’m aware of the rings, I don’t find them uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this particular model doesn’t have a flap of fabric behind the rings to protect your body from coming in contact with and getting sweaty all over your toys because the Feeldoe it is supposed to be accommodating is meant to be used internally. I’ll have a review of the Feeldoe on its own sometime soon!

I quickly went about trying to find some necessary components for properly testing out this product- I got a packy from Early to Bed and SugarCunt was kind enough to send me a Feeldoe she just wasn’t feeling- it’s nice to have awesome friends.

I’m happy to say that the Truhk Duo does the thing it set out to do really well- it fits my regular size feeldoe like a glove, and comfortably holds it in place: it doesn’t waggle around, slouch, or try to fall out. I’ll mention now that I don’t have an issue with the feeldoe trying to fall out when using it alone, but for those with weaker PC muscles that may be the case. Either way, it is held stable and at attention by this harness, which is just as important! I’m not sure how well it would fit the Fun Factory Share as I do not have one myself, but it might be worth a try. I imagine it could probably comfortably be worn by penis-havers with their penis through the top hole and the feeldoe being used anally, but as I haven’t found any willing victims testers, I’ll have to get back to you on that idea. It may also be good to use it for double penetration, with a penis in the top hole and a smaller dildo in the bottom, or a feeldoe in the bottom hole and a smaller dildo in the top.

For regular dildo use in either hole, the Truhk Duo does not shine. Since it’s essentially underwear with a waist band- no belts or buckles to adjust, sure, but none to tighten and stabilize it either- the dildo (in this case, the Fun Factory Magnum Stubbs) droops and pulls the waist band down. I haven’t tried actually using it like this because it felt like it wouldn’t be stable enough. If you prefer a smaller, lighter dildo (I’m thinking Tantus Silk Small, or Tantus Splish- that small) it may work, but I haven’t been able to try it out with smaller dildos.

In terms of use with a packer, it might work out for you. Personally, the Spare Parts Joque (which does have all the straps and buckles, but I find it comfortable regardless and the stability is well worth it as far as I’m concerned) holds the packy better for me. This is because the Truhk’s ring is a little bit larger in diameter and not as stretchy, so depending on the size and material of your packer or packing preference, it may or may not be ideal. This product, being more like underwear, may be more gender affirming than the Joque though I think RodeoH’s Truhk Button Fly Boxers are better in terms of realism; this harness style has a button-fly that goes over the packy and ring, so it’s more realistic. With the Truhk Duo, your junk is out in the open.

The other issue here is that because there isn’t a back panel, the packy is up against your skin. If you’re using a porous packy, it will definitely get dirt and bacteria in it this way which you’ll never get out. There’s no guarantee that the packy doesn’t include chemical softeners like phthalates which are potentially harmful, and being exposed to heat- like that your body creates makes it off-gas these chemicals, exposing your body to them. Even if you have a silicone packy, having it against your skin can be uncomfortable. I’d suggest wearing underwear under your packy and harness if you were going for this option.

The only other issue is that this model doesn’t come in plus sizes. I have a 41″ hip circumfrence (I’ve got some hips, alright?) and the largest size is a 36-38, but thankfully it fits me fine, and I may have been able to even go down a size due to the stretchiness. If you’re under a 44″ hip measurement, you may be able to fit the largest size but I give you no guarantees, since everyone is shaped differently and may have a different experience than I did. I may have big hips, but I’m not particularly fleshy, so those who are more curvaceous than I- take heed.

Click here to get your very own rodeOH briefs in this style or others, at a great price! 

Click here to get your very own rodeOH briefs in this style or others, at a great price! 

Overall, this is a comfortable underwear style harness that is great for stabilizing a feeldoe- if you’re looking for that, I’d highly recommend this model- and it’s pretty affordable as far as harnesses go, at only $54.99!

The Truhk Duo was provided by RodeoH in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts expressed in this post are my own.