Fetish v. Fashion: Marc Jacobs RTW Fall '15 and Glove Fetishism

Fetish v. Fashion is a series (meant to be -accidentally hit publish on Monday for this one, whoops!) posted every other Friday. The purpose of this series is to highlight the similarities and interplay of Fetish and Fashion: how they feed off of and inspire one another. Check out the category for more like this.

As many of the collections gracing the catwalks this past fashion week, or rather month, Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2015 Ready to Wear offerings touch on many common fetishes: there are long leather belts that trail off, evoking someone leashed who has gotten away from their handler, sheer pieces, body-hugging knee- or thigh-high leather and patent boots…. But more prominently, there are leather gloves. Every look, except one by my accounting, features leather gloves: over the elbow opera length, forearm length, and driving glove length, primarily in black but also in burgundy and white.

Glove fetishism is a complicated interest; it can be driven by a certain material like leather, satin, latex, or rubber, or a certain roleplay, or may be driven by the gloves themselves.

Like many object fetishes, the glove fetishist is particular about the details of their fetish object: material, design, coloration, texture, scent, sounds they make in use, and potentially a very set idea of how they want to interact with the gloves. They may enjoy wearing them and feeling them on themselves in sexual or non-sexual ways, they may enjoy putting them on and taking them off, or watching someone else wear them, or being spanked by someone wearing them.  They may simply like pulling them out of a special hiding place and smelling them for a quick rush.

These kinds of object and garment fetishes are often misunderstood by and shamed by others; my interest in Thigh Highs and retro lingerie is similar, but a more accepted fetish – while people may have a harder time conceptualizing or relating to a fetishistic  interest in gloves. This is simply a matter of fetishes that are socially condoned and those that aren’t.

This post is not meant to be a suggestion that Marc Jacobs is a glove or leather fetishist. I find no issue if that is the case, but the purpose is more to highlight how common fetishes leaked into this and many other collections.

Not leather, but if you're interested, What Katie Did has some satin and sheer  (my favorite)gloves which you can see here.