Sponsored Post: Just Don't Buy Shady Wand Massager Vibrators

This post has been sponsored by EuroWand, but all opinions and writing are my own.

I wanted to go more in depth into the issue of buying sex toys – and especially wand style vibrators – from unknown sources, like amazon.

There is a ripe market of poorly made if not completely unsafe  knock off sex toys. Lelo products, wand style vibrators, Crystal Delights products, and more have been emulated if not outright copied and sold at unbelievably low prices. “Unbelievably” is the key word in that sentence – these prices are unbelievable, and sacrifices have been made in order to make them possible. Those sacrifices can be anything from materials or electric quality and or safety.

This can happen because there’s no regulation of sex toys, for the most part. There is some regulation of wand style massagers as home electronics (they are massagers, after all), but there have been reports of fake electronic certifications on products coming out of China, where most of these products come from.

Some legitimate companies have even had issues with their factories lying to them at least about materials – a recent example is that Screaming O, a company that produces vibrating cockings, found out after having a third party test done that they had been labeling some of their products as ‘SEBS Silicone’ which they claimed to be a Silicone/Elastomer blend – which doesn’t make sense from a materials engineering point of view and does not exist. It was only after getting into an argument with myself and other concerned reviewers on twitter that the company took action and discovered that they had been mislabeling their products. 

Although the lack of regulation is frustrating, it’s also unfortunately better this way: most people agree that regulation in the US would label sex toys as medical devices, which would make them far more expensive than they already can be (the already regulated ‘medical device’ sex toys available are $400 or more) and stifle innovation. So it’s up to educators to call for self regulation and for companies to overlook their factories, if they don’t control their own manufacturing already, more stringently.

This is achieved through consumers becoming more educated, finding affordable options that are from legitimate companies, and demanding that companies educate themselves about their products and materials when they are having them manufactured overseas.

This post was sponsored by EuroWand, but all opinions and information presented are my own. EuroWand is a trusted source for wand style vibrators in the EU, with websites for France, Spain, Germanyand  The Rest of Europe.