Iroha Mikazuki: Even Better

Iroha: definitely improving.

I recently received the iroha mikazuki to review- one of the brand new internal vibrators using Iroha’s now-signature squishy soft, lint free silicone. You may recall my review of the original Iroha, which I liked a lot- however, there were some concerns brought up by other reviewers that in hindsight, I find to be legitimate. Some didn’t like that the travel/charging case was clear, others had problems with the control panel actually popping off with the guts of their Iroha subsequently falling out, others were concerned about the lack of waterproofing, and many found the controls to be lackluster.

Thankfully, with this new line, Iroha has addressed some of those problems. Though my understanding is that they fixed the guts-falling-out of the original Midori, Sakura, and Yuki, I wouldn’tbe concerned with the shape and construction of these new products, and I’ve tried to pull the control panel off with no luck. They also come in a svelte and very fancy-feeling completely matte black travel case/charging dock that pops open when you press a button, revealing the product nestled gently in indents where it charges. It makes me feel like a bond villain, or John Cage, with his remote-control toilet flusher. Only even fancier.

The controls are also updated- really simple but so nice: you can go forwards and backwards through the various strengths and pulsation patterns.

I am very excited about this. How excited? Let me explain:

This is amazing because if you’re like me, you’ve had a situation where you’re getting really close to orgasm and want to up the power of your vibe, forgetting you’re already at the highest setting- and you end up going to the first pulsation pattern and then have to flip through all of the settings as fast as possible to get back to where you were. This is a mood-killer, and one of the only complaints I have about my beloved We-Vibe Tango and Touch. With these new Iroha vibes, you can just press the other button to go back. One press of a button is better than seven, and less of a turn off, believe me.

So, with this, the bigger bottom button is to turn it on and go forward in functions, and the smaller button just above it is off and to go back in functions. The size difference is also great, because it’s a little easier to tell the difference when you’re in the midst of getting off and don’t have time to figure out which button is which visually.

You can check out Instagram for a video of the case opening and some visuals of the product itself.

Of the two new internal vibrators, I have the smoother. Honestly, I’m really curious about the other model with its squishy, wavy surface― maybe the future will hold more of these fancy bond villain charging cases in my mail.

My Iroha, however, reminds me kind of a slightly impressionistic representation of one of those cookie sticks that comes with the travel Nutella. I don’t even like Nutella (I know, go get your torches and pitchforks out- but before you do, keep in mind that I’m mildly allergic to hazelnuts), and I’m pretty sure other similar snacks had these cookie sticks back in the 90s when I was a kid and no one knew what Nutella was. Either way, that’s that the shape makes me think of- flat on three sides, rounded on the top and each end. It also curves ever so slightly inwards.

There is one thing I will call bullshit on about this product. That thing is that it bends slightly inwards with pressure, something that is claimed to ‘caress the female anatomy in a pleasing way’ or some other such flowery-worded copy. I presume this means the g spot. HOWEVER. There is no way to physically get this to curve inwards (towards the g spot) during use, except to press towards your perineal sponge. You know, the opposite direction of the g spot. All this really accomplishes is maybe bringing the vibrator slightly closer to the clitoris while it’s still inside of you- but not enough to make a difference. I’ve been puzzling over how this is supposed to do anything that results in a different sensation from what it feels like otherwise.

The good news is that when you press down on the handle (levering it to press against the g spot) it doesn’t bend back at all and is a rigid, if slight, curve that can potentially stroke the g spot in a nice way. I just don’t really care for/feel internal vibrations, and need something more rigid for g spot stroking. If you like internal vibrations and/or like a soft surface with a rigid core for your g spotting, this might do the trick for you- but it doesn’t have a very strong or noticeable curve to it so it’ll likely work better for people whose G Spot isn’t buried too deep in the vaginal wall.

Where this shines for me is clitoral stimulation. It has a smooth surface, it’s more pinpoint than the original Irohas (I like broad vibrations either to be REALLY strong or just for warm up, they usually just end up teasing me) and that plush silicone, especially the extra soft bit at the very tip, is a treat. The vibration quality itself isn’t bad- I’d say upper mid-range in terms of quality (where low pitch results in more deep, intense vibrations and high pitch is buzzy/whiny, this is mid-to-low pitch) and is decently strong. It’s not as strong as my beloved tango and touch, but it’s close- and it isn’t always about strength, and these shouldn’t be irritating except to those who are very very sensitive to buzzyness.

In other words, when my tango and touch need charging, I’ll turn to this vibe and I’m not dissatisfied- which is saying a lot. Very few products are an acceptable substitute for my tango and touch.

 Get your own Mikazuki - or other Iroha product - by clicking on the banner above! 

Get your own Mikazuki - or other Iroha product - by clicking on the banner above! 

This product is for: people who want to feel like a bond villain when they open the charging case of their sex toy, people who like to travel with their sex toys (the case has a slim profile, seems sturdy, isn’t obvious, and works with any USB-to-microUSB cord), like squishy soft sex toys, like something in a color that isn’t gender coded, hate when they accidentally go too far when pressing buttons on their sex toys, prefer a slim product, and like decent vibrations.

I’d say it’s not for you if you’re: a size queen, are looking for something with a high likelihood of hitting your g spot, don’t want to feel like a bond villain, hate those little cookie dip-sticks, need really really strong vibrations, or don’t like yellow- it is apparently the least well-selling sex toy color, but I think this pale yellow is quite fetching, personally.

Thanks to Iroha for sending this along in exchange for my honest review- all opinions stated are mine and mine alone, as always.