Come Hither: The Tantus Pro Touch

As far as I’m concerned, one of the single most overlooked pieces of silicone is the Tantus Pro Touch.

It’s not sexy. It’s not big. It doesn’t bring much to the imagination- but it should.

When I first received one of these (and then, not so long later, another), I wasn’t terribly impressed.

“It’s for G Spots and Prostates. It can vibrate. That’s cool, I guess.”

It’s so simple, that I completely overlooked the genius of the Pro Touch: it’s a silicone approximation of the “come hither” crooked finger that is recommended for G Spot and Prostate Play. It’s about the same diameter, and doesn’t have other fingers in the way, so you can reach further. Plus it vibrates.

Basically, Tantus, being the geniuses that they are, improved on people’s go-to technique for stimulating prostates and g spots. Months and months later, I’m still floored.

Because the Pro Touch is rather thin in diameter at about .75" , it’s not going to have the hard surface some G Spots and Prostates crave- it will have some give to it. Because of the size and shape, it’s probably more suited to people who either like smaller toys and not a lot of pressure, or beginners looking to strike urethral sponge orgasmic gold.

As you can see in the picture above, I have two Pro Touches- the bubblegum pink one is an older version (it’s even enscribed “Tantus, ’03” on the base!) and the wine one, which is the new version. The differences are small but important: the vibe compartment on the new ones has vertical lines of silicone that keep the vibe from getting stuck. As you can see, I got the vibe that came with it stuck in the older pink one. The base is also thicker and more stable, which makes it better for use with a harness.

Lesson learned: next time I see a sex toy that doesn’t inspire, I need to think more on it. Maybe it’s got something going for it that isn’t obvious at first glance.

Want to get your own? You can choose from three colors or get a surprise color for $13.99 at Tantus! If you want to upgrade to stronger vibrations, the We Vibe Tango is 100% compatible with this toy. You won;t be disappointed.

Thanks to Tantus for providing some awesome products to review. As always, all opinions are my own.