Sponsored Post: The Ubiquitous Magic Wand

This post was sponsored by Maxi Wand, but all thoughts, opinions, and writing are my own.

There’s not much that can be said about the Hitachi Magic Wand, now the Magic Wand Original, that hasn’t already been said.

The iconic massager came onto the field in 1968 without even a little bit of sexiness in mind, as a high power handheld back massager that’s over one foot long and weighs over a pound. Despite this, it didn’t take long for it to grow into it’s future, with the equally iconic Betty Dodson popularizing it’s use for orgasmic means. Betty is most well known for such things as her best selling book, Sex For One, groups where women would come to learn about their bodies and orgasm together, and a cable TV show in the 80’s. Many consider Betty to be the ‘Mother of Masturbation’ and she certainly played a huge role in making it more acceptable for people to pursue sexual pleasure and helping them understand how.

You don’t fuck with Betty Dodson. Photo found thanks to the wonderful Crista Anne and her #OrgasmQuest!

You don’t fuck with Betty Dodson. Photo found thanks to the wonderful Crista Anne and her #OrgasmQuest!

From there, the history of the Magic Wand has been a complicated one. The original manufacturer, Hitachi, has gone through various phases of accepting the overwhelmingly sexual use of their product. For example, in 1992, they had chocolate renditions of the product made for the anniversary of Good Vibrations, a progressive adult store. They even had some made for their own corporate sales events, but in 1999 they asserted that their product was for health care purposes only. By 2013, their desire to distance themselves from the sexual ideas about their products reached a fever pitch, and they considered stopping production of the product alltogether. It was only through the intervention of their US distributor, Vibratex, that they agreed to continue making the product, but only without the Hitachi name- which is why it’s now known as the Magic Wand Original.

Through the Good- researchers considering the Magic Wand as a possible treatment for anorgasmia- and the Bad- numerous copycat products- the Magic Wand has continued to be a Toybox staple and frequently sought-after product. I can attest to this popularity; working in adult stores comes with regular, at least daily, questions about and demands for the Magic Wand. It’s one of the most recognizable and coveted products available on the market, and has been for decades now.

Despite this, I would warn that the Magic Wand is definitely not for everyone. It is STRONG. It will knock your socks off, and many find using barriers like clothing, towels, or a variety of awesome attachments to make the strength down to a more manageable level. Others opt for accessories like dimmer switches to give you more options than the ‘Really strong’ ‘OMG STRONG’ and ‘off’ settings it comes with, or extension cords to elongate the limiting length of the cord that it comes with. I will say that despite the inconvenience the length of the cord can pose for some, not having to worry about batteries or charging can be surprisingly convenient and almost luxurious- you never have to worry about charging your toy, buying batteries, or running out of juice mid-session.

One disappointment is that the Magic Wand Original can only be found in the US; There are a few different manufacturers that are making reputable and quality products for other parts of the world. I hear the Doxy Wand, made in Europe, is really good, and I’ve heard good things about the Oz Wand for those of you down under. Yes, I made that joke.

So, should you buy a Hitachi for yourself? If it’s too strong for your bits, you can always use it to massage your back- which it’s really, really good at.

This post was sponsored by Maxi Wand, who also sent me the Magic Wand in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions stated are my own, and this post is 100% written by me.