The Future of Sex Toys

The Onyx

The Onyx

The Pearl

The Pearl

The Platform. 

The Platform. 

Kiiroo recently officially launched the Onyx, Pearl, and their platform - so if this is something you want to try out, now you can! 

Spoiler: I have no idea what the future of sex toys is. But, maybe Kiiroo does.

These days, you see all sorts of things claiming to be the future of sex toys- most of them are disappointing failures. Either icarus flew too high with his ideas and came tumbling down to earth, or the idea wasn’t as great as the crowd-funders would have had you believe in the first place.

Yes, I’m very jaded- but I have to be, when there are things like the i-Gino, the Revel Body (now updated, but am I going to try it? No, not after that whole mess), and so many others that I’ve stopped paying attention to the names or really giving them any heed after an initial glance over their website or indiegogo. Most of these products aren’t worth my attention or the uncomfortable orgasms. Even if we’re talking about luxury brands- I’m looking at you, Lelo- there are a lot of gimmicky, hyped up, overpriced, pieces of shit out there.

I am skeptical; I’m disinclined to buy into the hype.

That all aside, I’m pretty optimistic about what Kiiroo is doing- it’s something different, yes, but they’re not taking huge risks with the concept, as long as the technology works. This is something people have wanted, and they’re not going far out of the box with the design of the products themselves. They’re not putting out products that really only cater to a very small demographic in terms of form and function.

What Kiiroo is trying to do is what they term “teledildonics”- in other words, the toys communicate with each other via bluetooth, no matter how close or how far the two (or more- more on that later) participants are. There is a toy that can be penetrated (Onyx), and one that can penetrate (Pearl).

Onyx can connect either with another Onyx or a Pearl, which gets my congratulations on at least an attempt to be more inclusive. In response to the tactile feedback from the partner toy, the bands of beads in the Onyx move up and down along the shaft of the toy, which is filled with the same elastomer material of fleshlights (they’re actually produced by fleshlight).

The Pearl, since it cannot create sensation for the user any different from another vibrator, can only connect with Onyxes- but it can connect with multiple Onyxes. This is something that is particularly interesting to me, because it potentially opens up the opportunity for interactive cam girl sessions. If Kiiroo’s affiliate program is open to cam girls and other distance sex workers, this could be potentially very profitable for both parties.

It’s also important to note that both can be used independently of a partner device- so if you want to get off alone? You won’t feel stuck having to find the right time to partner up with someone to use yours.

I’m also impressed by their chat platform- it seems very secure, well-designed, and a lot of thought went into it. It’s pretty, so it gets that thumbs up from me, who always likes pretty and thoughtful UI.

Now, all we need is to see how well these function. I’m particularly interested to know how well the products translate sensation from one product to another, as well as how well the bluetooth works; we’re already getting reports from reviewers of bluetooth app-controlled vibes like the WeVibe 4Plus that the bluetooth can be finicky given clothing or fleshy labia.

I’m cautiously optimistic, which isn’t something I say often about new sex toy technology. I’m not just saying this because a good friend of mine consults for their company- though I have heard some behind the scenes things and I know for a fact that she has pushed them in a more inclusive and better quality direction- I’m saying this because objectively, the products look promising to me.

Ultimately, as I’ve said time and again, I’d love to see new, good technology in this industry. In fact, I crave it. It’s just that a lot of the new technology out there is a flop or is beyond our mass production capabilities, or way too expensive. I’m hopeful that Kiiroo will change that.