Tremble Before It: The Double Trouble, Part 2

This post originally featured on a former iteration of this site on December 17th, 2014. It has been reposted here for posterity. 

It is hard to capture the awesomeness, the power, and the beauty of the Double Trouble, made by Fucking Sculptures in conjunction with Courtney Trouble, with words.

I remember when the Double Trouble came in the mail; my first words were a reverently whispered “holy fucking shit” which turned into an exultantly yelled “HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT!”

The Double Trouble is huge. It is heavy. It is cold, but warms up fast. It contains multitudes, literally- under a thick layer of clear glass there are lichen-like formations of black globules suspended within it. Up close, it is a swarm. From afar, a cold abyss.

It can be hard to believe that this piece of art- made exclusively for fucking- was made by human hands, but it was. Each Fucking Sculptures piece is worked by a master glassblower, bringing forth this majesty from molten light.

There is nothing mundane about the art of glass- if you’ve never had the opportunity to see a craftsperson rigorously collaborate with glass and heat and light to bring something into existence, I highly recommend it. It is enrapturing, bordering on the divine.

During my stay at art school, I could often be found watching over the glass labs while this magic creation happened- there’s something about it that is so much more than ceramics, but akin to sculpting stone- something more delicate yet just as physically demanding as metalworking- pulling something from the depths of the material into gagasping life. Being an initiate to the alchemy makes the finished product somehow that much more.

I was terrified of it- for all the reasons mentioned above and more. Not only am I not a size queen- the ends of the Double Trouble are like a child’s fists, the length comparable to my thigh- but it’s an intimidating presence that demands to be respected. The Double Trouble, for me, is not for your typical masturbation session.

When I finally got up the guts to give the Double Trouble the attention it deserved, I was pleasantly surprised at how relatively easy it was for me to take it. As mentioned, I’m not a size queen- but the smooth, frictionless surface of glass lends itself well to larger diameter insertables, making this a great prelude to larger toys- or fists.

For me, once it was inside me and warming to my body temperature, I found that it was definitely not for thrusting. Maybe someone who likes larger toys would find it suitable for thrusting, but I found it most pleasurable gently nudging, pulling, and moving it around. The sensation was interesting, mostly because it wasn’t actually moving in the sense of smaller toys- rather than gliding against the walls of my vaginal canal, it was filling- and therefore stationary. Moving it around moved the skin it was touching with it, as if they were one. Pressing down on it proved to give nice g-spot stimulation, though mine is less sensitive than some others. This process is also a lot easier on my delicate joints than I thought it would be- I didn’t have to hold this glass behemoth in place, and could simply press it in one direction or another- it could be a one-finger endeavor if I wanted it to be, or I could just leave it hanging out. It wasn’t going anywhere.

Overall, I love the Double Trouble. I leave it in our display case most of the time and rarely use it not because I dislike it, but because I feel like it deserves better than your everyday session. It deserves to be worshipped, not used.

I also think that this, as intimidating as it is, is for more people than I would have initially thought. Though as with everything not all will find it pleasurable, the smooth glass means that it doesn’t feel as big as it is, even if it is very filling. I’d say that it’s a great warm up for fisting, but it will surprise those who think it might be too big for them.

That, and it’s beautiful- it truly lives up to being art, and you can leave it on display (to be admired by as many people as possible, as it should be) amongst vanilla company without anyone suspecting that it spends a lot of time in your orifice(s). This and all Fucking Sculpture products are unique pieces of artwork and make for prized possessions that will last a long time, if not forever, if properly cared for. They as a company- and this as a product- get my seal of approval.

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Thanks to Fucking Sculptures for providing this product for review- it only makes me want more. All opinions and writing are, as always, my own and completely honest.