Welcome to the new Sexational!

Hey there! 

What you're seeing in front of you is a brand new iteration of Sexational! - new design, new ideas, new banners - soon, new illustrations, new prints, new resources. I've poured everything and more into this, and have been somewhat absent while working on it.

Now that the bare necessities are up, I feel like it's time to let it loose, get some new posts and reviews up, and get back to work. 

As some may know, I've been looking for regular work since the end of December - I'm still looking, and have been spending most of my time doing freelance writing and consultation, though it hasn't really been cutting it. And now, I need to look for someplace else to live - though our housemates like us, we're not as involved with the garden enough and don't suit their dynamic the way they'd like. 

So, things are incredibly tough - but myself and my partner are getting through. The next couple weeks will be hectic, but I hope to keep posting and resource updates regular. 

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