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Mosh - Porcelain Skin Filmed by Holly Randall for Playboy.com (GIF by Bo)

Mosh - Porcelain Skin
Filmed by Holly Randall for Playboy.com (GIF by Bo)

As far as I can remember, my first interest in fully fashioned thigh highs registered around when I can first remember seeing them - on popular fetish model, Miss Mosh. I've talked about Mosh in a couple of my posts; she absolutely shaped a lot of my femme presentation preferences from the point when I, as a teen, found some of her photos on DeviantArt. I cannot pinpoint when I first saw her work or when I first saw seamed stockings on her, but I know that one of her photos was definitely the first time they left an impact. 

At some point in late 2012 or early 2013 I bought my first pair of thigh highs and some cheap garters at the mid-range adult store where I worked. They were "seamed", black on black, because I knew I preferred a retro aesthetic. This was also around the time when I was first starting to allow myself to explore my femme presentation, and started to wear skirts and dresses for the first time. There is more info on this in this recent post.

This first pair was rough, poorly made, and cheap - I wore them until they were in tatters, and very quickly began to seek out other seamed thigh highs locally - I have never worn thigh highs without some sort of seam. 

Unfortunately, they are hard to find - there are some cheap ones here and there, but most are of poor quality and most places do not carry seamed stockings or thigh highs at all - even specialized hosiery stores. I took to the internet, but more legit seamed thigh highs were often more expensive than I could justify, despite being relatively moderate in price in comparison to some of the specialty hosiery available out there.  

About a year ago, What Katie Did sent me two pairs of their Retro Seamed Stockings, which are not true Fully Fashioned stockings but which are some of the best quality in this class of stocking that I've found. I wanted to wear them until they could no longer be worn before reviewing them, and it was only very recently - almost a full year later, with regular but careful wear - that I found them to be no longer acceptable to wear in public. I'll be posting a review of those soon, and you can buy them here if you're interested

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Two weeks ago, I finally took the plunge and bought WKD's Fully Fashioned Point Heel Nylons

It might have been all of the caffeine I had consumed before coming home to find them waiting for me, but I was shaking when I opened them. I had to wait to calm down enough to actually put them on, for fear that my long, pointed nails would inadvertently ruin them. Instead, I removed them gingerly from their packaging and placed them gently in a bundle on my lap, softly caressing them as if they were a delicate and precious pet. 

I did not realize how soft true nylon was - like spidersilk and clouds. 

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Putting on black nitrile gloves so any rough skin and my nails would not unravel these fragile wonders, I rolled them up and pulled them on, carefully fastening them in place with my garters, also from WKD.

They felt even more amazing actually on, with a unique slightly loose fit (nylon is not stretchy, which is why Nylons are made to the shape of the leg), and feel incomparable to any stockings I've ever worn. The sensation of my legs rubbing together, or running a hand absentmindedly against my leg, is everything I've ever wanted and more.

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The next time I have the extra money, I will not hesitate to buy another pair - and I wouldn't mind getting some as presents, as well. I have a long list of stockings I'd like, and you can never have enough of these fragile beauties.

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