Grab Bag: Save on Awesome Silicone From Tantus!

Did you know that Tantus has a really cool thing on their site called the Grab Bag? With Grab Bag toys, you choose the shape you want and get a surprise color. This might be something really weird or kinda boring, but it is often something really, truly beautiful - and you get it for 50% off!

When Tantus changes colors in their machines, they were having to throw out a bunch of raw material as the colors would mix together. Realizing that they could make some cool and unsual colors as well as save some money by not wasting material, they created the Grab Bag. 

There is no guarantee you'll get a really amazing Grab Bag toy, but if you don't care what your toy looks like and just that it works really well, you get a pretty steep discount. And sometimes, they have sales on the Grab Bags, which makes them even more ridiculously affordable. This is some of the most affordable silicone out there, so if you're looking to start off or bulk up your collection, this is a great way to do it. 

I've included some pictures of truly beautiful Grab Bags below, for your viewing pleasure and temptation, and you can check them all out and get your own surprise here