The Doxy Don: My New Right Hand

he Doxy Don is my new right hand, post the untimely death of my Eroscillator Top Deluxe. The vibrator that’s always plugged in, under my bed and ready for an emergency: for me, the perfect lazy vibe. 

Though the Don was made with the intention of having a strong vibe for butts, that’s not how I’ve been using it (yet) and it’s versatile well beyond that. It can be used externally—for the clit, yes, but also for the testicles, perineum, nipples, and anywhere else you might want strong vibrations—and internally, both anally and vaginally. 

Very few vibrators are anal safe; most do not have the flared base that makes them less likely to disappear into one’s rectum. A couple years ago, I recall someone live-tweeting their trip to the emergency room after a typical slimline vibrator disappeared into those dark depths. He was pretty matter-of-fact about it; it took about 5 hours for the battery to run out, and I can only imagine the relief. 

Anal fun doesn’t need to be so dangerous. You can read one popular post of mine about Anal Eaze with some beginner’s tips and recommendations if you're looking for some guidance on that front. 

Doxy is doing the good work by bringing us this rare breed of sex toy: it’s both anal safe and can be used for other things. Most of the other anal safe vibrators on the market are mostly shaped in such a way that they’re anal-only. 

The Don is also unique because it takes the power of stronger, rumbly wand vibrators (like Doxy’s original product, the Doxy Wand), and brings it down in size, enabling one to use it internally. For those who like either g-spot or prostate stimulation, depending on how their anatomy is set up, I could see this being a great option, but only if they like intensity. This little vibe packs a punch. 

Another design aspect that I love is having a remote control along the (very long!) power cord . This is especially great when being used anally, but it’s also great during other use: you don’t need to fumble around to find buttons on the toy itself, which can sometimes be awkward. The buttons on the remote are big, easy to find without looking, and light up so you can see clearly what is what. Power button, plus, and minus, straightforward and simple. Not always the most elegant solution, but one that works. 

To put a spotlight on the cord: it’s LONG. One of the longest cords I’ve ever seen, easily snaked across the room if outlets aren’t near your bed or wherever else you’re playing. Mine also came with a velcro cord tie, which means it’s reusable both for storage and shortening the cord if needed. It’s the little thoughtful things that can sometimes make a huge difference; I wish more companies would include cord management, and I might have gotten really excited when I saw this addition. 


While we’re talking about elegance, I will also say this: the Don is not graceful. It has nice lines, but it’s not svelte like some luxury vibes. It’s quite loud at higher levels. But the Don isn’t here to be beautiful: it’s here to aggressively and efficiently get you off. It can be more subtle at the lowest levels, but the high levels may very likely be too much for some. This vibe is not, by any sense of the word, discreet—and it’s not meant to be. 

The Don, with it’s long cord, strong sensations and remote is, if anything, utilitarian. This is why I love it so much; it’s perfect to keep around for when you want to get off fast and dirty. It does the job

Like it’s cousin the Doxy Wand and their predecessor the Hitachi *ahem* Magic Wand, the Don also has a lot of potential in kinky situations. Forced orgasms are definitely plausible at this strength, while for many the lowest setting won’t be enough unless you’re feeling more subtle that day. The remote, though close to the toy itself for convenience, can also be used by someone else to control how strong the toy is while someone is using it, or if it’s even on at all. The curve in the base of the Don lends itself easily, in my mind, to bondage. All you need is a devious mind and a bit of rope. 

I cannot recommend the Don highly enough as a versatile addition to any collection. This lazy masturbator finds it indispensable, but it’s so much more than that. 

Thanks to Doxy (North America Branch specifically) for providing this awesome product in exchange for my honest review! You should go check out their website here. If you're interested in purchasing a Don of your own, click this link or the banner below! 

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