Workspace Updates

Am I the only one who loves pictures of workspaces? Whether they're desks, studios, or otherwise I get a lot of inspiration from seeing the places where people create. 

Since I've been spending more time in my room due to the departure of my partner and I work from home, curating a workspace was important for me. It helps me feel good about the space where I spend most of my day. I've been fastidiously adding furniture, plants, and more to my space since February, so I wanted to share the progress with you, dear readers, as well as document it. 

This is a work in progress and I'll be leaving the state at the end of April to go to MLPS with Bex, Girly Juice, and Taylor Mace - and then the country once again in May for a few months. That means things will get moved around and put away while my space is subletted. Goals when I get home: a vintage vanity on the wall to the left of my desk. 

Please ignore the rolled up tshirts on my windows - I live in an old building with drafty windows. 

I purchased a SOMA water carafe a few months back and it has been indispensable - it filters all my water, looks good, and keeps me hydrated throughout the work day. 

Makeup brushes with the pens, pencils and markers. My film SLR. Plants everywhere: these are constants in my workspace.