Friends, acquaintances, and friends of friends

To whomever may be reading this, 

I or someone you know probably sent you this link. Why? I am starting up a new project that I will be pitching to various online outlets - I'm starting with Broadly, Vice's womens' subsite, and have tailored the series to what they're looking for, but if they don't take the series I'll be pitching it elsewhere. You've been linked here because I'm interested in including you in this series and I want to bring a list of people who are willing participants to show them I mean business. 

whats the series? 

I don't have a name for this, but think of something kind of like freundevonfreunden - they focus on creatives and entrepreneurs, but I want to highlight people whose hobbies, careers, or passions are sex, sexuality, or gender related or adjacent. I'm focusing primarily on the stories and experiences of women, femmes, and trans women, but I won't say no to people who identify male, are masculine, or are non-binary. 

Who I'm thinking of: Sex Educators, Burlesque Performers, Retailers, Manufacturers, Clinicians, Pro-Tops, Pro-Bottoms, Pro-Switches, Escorts, Cam Models, Sex Bloggers, Reviewers, Therapists, Fetish Models, Sex Workers, Activists, Erotica Writers, Kinksters, Strippers, Artists that deal with sex, sexuality, gender, etc- the list goes on. 

I will then spend a day or a weekend or a week - whatever works for us - with those who consent to being featured in this series. We'll decide individually what we want to do, whether I come to visit your workplace, we go for a hike in the woods, cook something, I shadow you while you work or teach a workshop, we explore somewhere... the options are pretty limitless, just based off what is feasible, budget, and what we find interesting. Part of my drive for doing this is wanting to spend quality time with the people I'm featuring and getting to know people I might already know, better, or getting to know people I only know in passing or not at all.

During our time together, we'll talk - sometimes I'll record what we're saying, sometimes I'll write things down - and throughout that time I'll be taking pictures on my film camera of what we're doing, the spaces we're in (especially if we're showcasing your workspace along with you), and you. I will have to talk to whomever ends up taking this pitch and see if I can give you some of the photos for your own use, but that's very likely, especially because not all of the photos will be accepted or even submitted for the article. 

This is essentially an interview and feature of awesome people who do awesome things, and sometimes the places where they do those things. 

what you get

The photos mentioned above, and a unique perspective of you, what you do. It's not a typical interview process, and it helps humanize people who readers may know about as a persona, or may not know about at all. It makes our work more relatable - it also helps that I will be aiming for some large outlets. If not Broadly, I'll probably pitch to places like Vice, Bitch Mag, Salon, and The Establishment.

And hey, you also get to spend an afternoon, a day, or more doing stuff with me - I don't know how much of a reward that is. I will also involve you when I sift through notes, audio, and photos. I'll send you drafts, if you'd like. I won't discuss anything you don't consent to, and I'll let you read the final draft before publishing and talk with you throughout the process - we may have chats, calls, or more get-togethers after the original event, depending on what makes you feel best and whats feasible. I want you to be happy with the final result, especially because there may be some vulnerable things in there, and during the interview you may talk about things you later feel you'd prefer to keep private. I totally understand how that is and want you to be not only happy but proud of what goes to print. 

Right now, I don't have many recent examples of my film photography - I'm hoarding about 7 rolls of film that I'm developing next month, along with a test run I'm doing for this series. If you sign up as interested in this project, I'll have your email and will send out examples of my work. It's also important to note that my photography will be different for each of these - sometimes it will be candid, sometimes we'll have fun, dress up, do crazy makeup, and stage things. It all depends on what we decide on together. 

what I need from you 

Below, I've linked a google form that will ask you some questions that I'll need for the pitch and to give me a little bit more info about you that will help me organize my thoughts and process.

I can't say when this project will start or when I'll get to people who are interested, especially because part of the pitch will involve travel. It's very likely that I'll be reaching people who are closer - in Philadelphia, NYC, Baltimore, or DC - as well as people who visit or who I see at events or when I travel - first, because it'll be easier (read: cheaper) to get to those places and help build confidence in this project with whomever ends up taking it. 

I'd also like to ask those people who I send this link to to send it to people who they think would be great for this if they'd like to. I totally understand if you don't, but I'd be ecstatic if you did. The more people I can get to show interest in being part of the project - especially people with interesting stories and big names (though that's not the most important thing, it makes it look better to a prospective editor) - the more likely I am to be able to get this going. 

If you've stuck with me through this long explanation and fill out the form, know I really, really appreciate your interest and cannot wait to make this a reality with you!