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September 18th, 2017

Israel, 2017. 35mm film. 

Israel, 2017. 35mm film. 


As has been my habit, it has been quite some time since I updated this space. In fact, I kept writing previews for new journal entries over on my Patreon... and then would forget to post them the next day. I'm also going to start posting these in blogpost form so they're saved. 

I've been in the US since July, and it's been tumultuous. I hated returning but have gotten to see so many friends, do so many things in that time. NYC with Bex, where I also got to see my friend Kate Sinclaire. Baltimore with Artemesia for a few days before Woodhull 2017 and more people than I could possibly name. Working hard now that I'm back in West Philadelphia for a bit, trying to make money and get ready to make my move to Israel. 

I've been focusing on a few different things; a big secret project that won't be unveiled until at least the beginning of next year. Some content for the blog, of course. I've also been doing a lot of contracted blogging rather than pitching articles, so I can focus my attentions more on my own projects. 

There are so many things I want to share which aren't ready to be shared quite yet. In the meantime, I'll have to leave hints on my Patreon, my instagram story, and probably not too many other places. 

I've also been posting some photography of mine over on the portfolio; there are a few blogposts of film that was recently developed. 

In less work oriented things, I've been wanting to paint. I've been taking pictures. I'm wading into the waters of a non-monogamous practice with my partner, and it's bumpy and weird and challenging but good. I've been buying, cleaning, altering, and resuscitating vintage and antique clothing. I've just generally been keeping busy and trying to focus on things that are beautiful. 

I hope you're also enjoying the beginning of fall. 

As always,