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To answer the question posed in the title of this page: Sexational! is a lot of things. It has gone through many iterations since the beginning of my writing under this name - starting on blogger (before they made being a sex blogger near impossible on their platform), using product reviews as a way to talk about sex education and industry issues that I had become passionate about while working in adult retai

With a fourth anniversary looming in December 2016, Sexational! has somewhat taken a back-burner while I pursue full time freelance consulting and writing - something this blog made possible to begin with. Part of the goal for this year is to start writing here and sharing things more, but it will be different - a lot of photography, but also some resources that I've been wanting to create to link back to from my freelance work - if you're interested in seeing more of that work, click the link to my portfolio on the right. 

Sexational! is a passion for continued adult sex education via the adult retail environment and the internet. It began back in 2012 with an unexpected job opportunity in an adult retail store - after having had next to no sex education myself and never having previously set foot in a similar store. It became almost immediately apparent that many customers came for more than just buying things; they also came for sex education, not knowing where else to turn. This resulted in years of passion that have expressed themselves on the floors of multiple adult retail stores, many online pages, and conversations with friends, readers, peers, and strangers. 

Caitlin, the person behind Sexational! has worked with multiple retailers as an employee and as a consultant, as well as with manufacturers and a variety of other new and exciting companies throughout the last 4+ years. Caitlin has also written quite a lot on topics of sexuality, gender, feminism, and more here and elsewhere. You can see a list of published work here.

I'm available for a variety of services, such as: 

  • Individualized, one-on-one workshops on a variety of subjects or a general question-asking session for consumers. 
  • Personal shopping services, where I advise you on what products to invest in, how to use and care for them, or even help you set up storage solutions or a dungeon. 
  • Consultation for companies, from skype sessions where I assess your online presence, marketing, product, or other aspects of your business to a full integrated consult where I help you build aspects of your business. I have worked with startups, established businesses, and crowd-funders alike on things like social media, marketing, product design, overall branding, and more: I can also help you!
  • Collaboration of some sort on the blog: I will review products, Paid advertisement in the form of sponsorship, traditional ads, and sponsored posts, is available. I am not currently accepting new affiliate relationships and advertisement is not free. I get a large volume of emails essentially asking for free advertisement in the form of linkbacks, mentions, or more: please stop. When you contact me asking for this, you admit the value of my blog and audience. When you ask for it for free, it's disrespecting the work I put into my site and readership. Please think before emailing - advertisement rates available on request. 

There are probably a lot of other things you can pay me to do! Please get in touch if you're interested in exploring our options. 

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